Food Engineering


Istanbul Okan University Food Engineering undergraduate program is designed to meet the MÜDEK and ABET criteria. Students who have completed English preparatory class will continue with a 4-year program that all courses are taught in English. The most important feature of the program is that ‘Education with Industrial Cooperation’ program (Cooperative Training) is included in 4-year undergraduate curriculum to educate food engineers computing in today’s technology, having an understanding of innovation, learned how to learn, equipped with the qualifications needed by the industry and ready for business life. This program, with the cooperation of the food industry and the university, provides opportunities for the students to practice their knowledge and skills gained by the educational activities. Education with industrial training is placed into food engineering undergraduate program and mandatory for “Food Engineer” title. The aims of this program are to:

  • Ensure that the students gain practical experience prior to graduation,
  • Provide students to experience business life by getting used to it,
  • Consolidate and deepen the information given in the field of Food Engineering,
  • Develop the skills of students such as taking responsibility, communication, and ownership,
  • Enrich the know-how about industrial applications, devices, equipments and facilities,
  • Provide students an environment in which they can express their knowledge and skills and give students an opportunity to practice for their future jobs.