Why Istanbul Okan University?

Istanbul Okan University, one of the most eminent and distinguished foundation universities in Turkey, is home to diverse undergraduate and graduate student body of 21,000. Currently Istanbul Okan University has students from 70 different countries. It offers 53 undergraduate and 58 graduate programs.

Istanbul Okan University has more than 1000 students from 70 different countries. The “International Office” is committed to enhancing cultural awareness and diversity at Istanbul Okan University via international student recruitment. By helping students from all over the world to learn about our programs, faculties, institutes, and most of all the opportunities that we offer, the “International Office” ensures that the high quality of teaching and learning at Istanbul Okan University is widely known. Therefore, the International Office welcomes and assists international students during the application and admission process, and throughout their entire stay in Istanbul and in our campus. Our office is the meeting point for students of all nationalities, where students from around the world come together to share cultures, experiences and ideas.

Istanbul Okan University is a campus university in Istanbul, the business capital of the region. The quality of higher education is enhanced by the strong and close relationship with the business world and related institutions. Our vision is to educate competent graduates in global standards to help them to contribute to the betterment of the nation and humanity. With that we will be able to prepare them to the modern business world by incorporating industry 4.0 technologies, related new philosophies and business realities. We believe that competent graduates will help our world to be much more pleasant and peaceful place to live with their social responsibility and environmental consciousness.

The main difference of our education is in our philosophy, which is defined in our motto as, ""The Closest University to the World of Business and Professionalism"". Istanbul Okan University effectively combines theory and practice by employing distinguished academicians with field experience and incorporating professionals to academic programs. We intend to prepare our graduates to their future careers. This includes not only academic programs and teaching but also career orientation, internship, job placement in multinational corporations and institutions. With its ‘’the University Closest to Business Life’’ motto, Istanbul Okan University aims to bridge education and business world, prepares students to modern business life with equipping them to global world and business life’s informational and ability needs. In the direction of this goal, the university enables students to work at firms and gain the values such as social, cultural and professional skills as part of its Business Life Program, starting from their freshman year until their graduations. This program contains professional and personal development courses, symposiums, workshops, major certificate programs, introductory of industry and working area, meeting with professionals, real time practices, social, sportive and cultural activities.

With Workplace Supported Education (O’COOP COOPerative Learning) program, students enable to learn business culture, institution collaborations and fit in directly to business life. Thus, along with their outstanding academic success and equipment, our students get the opportunity to gain information and skills for their self-competence even during their education. Our students experience and learn the business life in our school or in one of the hundreds of companies that we have agreements with; hereby, our students gain the skill for drawing their personal career path in the industry and/or field they would like to work for, during their education.

Once they complete their undergraduate program, they are not only a university graduate, but also a ‘world citizen’ who is ready to be successful in the global world business life. Along with planning and practicing the programs for our students’ business life needs, our Career Center, also helps our graduates to find their desired jobs. Moreover, we always keep in touch with our graduates to be able to support them through their career paths and encourage them to pass their experiences and successes to our students. We also help them to find jobs related to their majors and provide them career consultancy.

Social and cultural activities are considered as integral parts of education at Istanbul Okan University. Seminars, conferences and symposia are organized at the university with the participation of eminent scholars. Moreover, students are constantly encouraged to take part in social, cultural and sportive activities through the student clubs. Regular trips to historical sites and touristic regions are organized by the Tourism Student Club. The Okan Spring Festival has become a center of interest not only for Istanbul Okan students but also for students of other universities.
Istanbul Okan University offers the all advantages of being a campus university for its students. Sports Complex (Indoor Fitness Center, Indoor Swimming Pool, Fitness Center, Pilates and Aerobics Studios, Race Course, Squash Courts, Steam Room and Sauna), Social Centre (Cinema, Game Room, Entertainment Center, Cafes, Restaurants, Supermarkets, Shops) and Amphitheater, Computer and Electronics Laboratories, Technical Equipped Art Workshops, Library configured with the latest technology, 24 hours Uninterrupted Internet Access, Courtroom for Practical Courses' of Faculty of Law, 24 Hour Health Care, Various Food Alternatives, Gastronomy Cuisine are some of these advantages. As a campus university, Istanbul Okan University also offers accommodation for 1000 students in four fully equipped girls’ and boys’ dormitories on its main campus. Students can choose to stay in single, double or four person rooms and an affordable meal plan with their accommodation. The dormitories have study halls, TV rooms and a medical center. International students who apply within the given deadlines have a priority for accommodation on the campus.

Istanbul Okan University effectively combines theory and practice by employing distinguished academicians with field experience and incorporating professionals to academic programs. We intend to prepare our graduates to their future careers. This includes not only academic programs and teaching but also career orientation, internship, job placement in multinational corporations and institutions.

  • To equip our graduates to be competent with the updated field knowledge and experience,
  • To educate students to think in an analytical, interdisciplinary way, and to empower them with an entrepreneurial spirit.
  • To expand the vision and horizon of our graduates with the “learning to learn” mentality in order to help them to adopt likely changes throughout their careers.
  • To concentrate on educational and research activities directed at meeting the needs of society by making social responsibility and environmental consciousness our priority.To help them to be successful not only in their university education but also their career and life.
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