Why Okan University?

Okan University is a campus university in Istanbul, the business capital of the region. The quality of higher education is enhanced by the strong and close relationship with the business World and related institutions. Our vision is to educate competent graduates in global standards to help them to contribute to the betterment of the nation and humanity. With that we will be able to prepare them to the modern business world by incorporating Industry 4.0 technologies, related new philosophies and business realities. We believe that competent graduates will help our World to be much more pleasant and peacefull place to live with their social responsibility and environmental consciousness.

The main difference of our education is in our philosophy, which is defined in our motto as, "The Closest University to the World of Business and Professionalism".

Okan University effectively combines theory and practice by employing distinguished academicians with field experience and incorporating professionals to academic programs. We intend to prepare our graduates to their future careers. This includes not only academic programs and teaching but also career orientation, internship, job placement in multinational corporations and institutions.

  • To equip our graduates to be competent with the updated field knowledge and experience,
  • To educate students to think in an analytical, interdisciplinary way, and to empower them with an entrepreneurial spirit.
  • To expand the vision and horizon of our graduates with the “learning to learn” mentality in order to help them to adopt likely changes throughout their careers.
  • To concentrate on educational and research activities directed at meeting the needs of society by making social responsibility and environmental consciousness our priority.To help them to be successful not only in their university education but also their career and life.
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28 November 2018

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Recognition in Libya

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Master and PhD Applications

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25 October 2018

English Proficiency Exam for Yos (Foreign Nationality) Students

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English Proficiency Exam

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25 October 2017

UniAgents European Education Summit

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