Why Okan University?

Our vision is to become a world-class university which contributes to the betterment of the nation and its business life by providing education of the highest standards and thereby preparing its students to enter the modern business world, ensuring that they are open to domestic and foreign competition, and instilling them with social responsibility and environmental consciousness.

  • To train students to think in an analytical, interdisciplinary way, and to instill them with an entrepreneurial spirit.
  • To invest in and support innovative scientists and scholars who are able to successfully integrate education and training and thus help our students to become exceptional graduates in their respective fields.
  • To concentrate on educational and research activities directed at meeting the needs of society by making social responsibility and environmental consciousness our priority.
  • To convert information into technology and social benefit.



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13 September 2017

Okan Proficiency English Exam

Dear Students,Please note that the updated exam date for English...

08 September 2017

Medicine Registrations Deadline

Dear Students Please note that medicine students who arrive after...

08 August 2017

International Students Offical Registration started!

Dear Prospective Okan Students,Have a Good Day! Hope you are...

24 July 2017

Azerbaijani Students Visited Okan University

Young Business Education Company visited Okan University with an Azerbaijani...

27 February 2017

Eligible Erasmus Students for the 2017-2018 Academic Year

Please, click to see the list of students who are...

23 February 2017

The Turkish Course for Medicine Students!

As a Medicine student, you will need to speak Turkish....

23 February 2017

Proficiency Exam for Master and PHD students (International Students)

The proficiency exam for Master and Phd students will be...

17 February 2017

Attention all graduate students (Master&PhD)

All Master (with Thesis) and PhD students should pass their...