İstanbul Okan University

Vision - Mission - Values and Objectives


Vision of our UniversityVision of our University

Our vision is to become an innovative, leading “World University” that meets the requirements of the society and business life in the universal standards.

Mission of our University Mission of our University

Our mission is to become a World University that trains the individuals who

  • Internalize the basic values of the Republic, sensitive to national and global issues, reflects the universal development and requirements to the education system, uses and improves new education methods,
  • Trains individuals who think analytically and having problem solving ability, questionary, multiple foreign languages, learned to access, use and share information, internalize the ethical values, respectful to the different cultures, self-confident, innovative, creative and entrepreneurial,
  • Contributes to science, culture and art with genuine researches, studies and publications,
  • May reflect student-oriented, universal development and changes to the education system, use contemporary education techniques and methods, gives education for problem solving,
  • Gives particular importance to the exaltation of humanity, human dignity, social responsibility, social gender equality and environmental consciousness in its studies and produces the projects in this field,
  • Become a university having strong communications with students and team spirit, sensitive to social problems and pays regard to employee satisfaction, and
  • People-oriented, innovative, having solidarity and team spirit, self-improvement.