İstanbul Okan University

English Academic Writing Skills Development Unit


English Academic Writing Skills Development Unit

The English Academic Writing Skills Development Unit is a department that provides support to students in enhancing their writing skills and meeting academic writing requirements through individual counseling, writing workshops, and classes.

Writing Education: They offer students instruction on fundamental writing rules, style, organization, and referencing. They also provide knowledge about academic writing types and formats.

Originality and Plagiarism Control: They offer various tools and methods to ensure that students' written content is original and plagiarism-free. They raise awareness about plagiarism and teach proper citation and referencing practices.

Language and Grammar Support: They assist students who are learning English as a foreign language in grammar, spelling, and language usage.

Academic Writing Guides and Resources: They provide students with guides, sample articles, resources, and recommendations related to academic writing. These resources facilitate the writing process for students.

Assessment and Feedback: They evaluate students' written texts and provide feedback. This feedback helps students enhance their writing skills.

Development of Educational Materials: They create relevant course materials and writing resources, guiding students to improve their writing skills.

This unit aids students in improving their writing skills, thereby enhancing their academic success and strengthening their effective communication abilities.