İstanbul Okan University



General Rules

  • No food and drink are allowed in the library.
  • No smoking in the library.
  • Users should keep mobile phones closed.
  • Users should work in silence and ensure that other users are not disturbed.
  • Users should pay attention to the use of all information resources and should not take out resources before the borrowing process is completed.
  • Users should return borrowed sources on time and late returns are subject to fines.
  • Users are requested to consult the library staff for the materials that are not on the shelves.
  • Users from outside of Istanbul Okan University can only benefit from the library with special permission.
  • Any sources and library materials cannot be taken out of the library without the permission of the library manager. Legal action is taken against the issuers.


  • Istanbul Okan University Library is a subscriber to various databases. Any violation of using databases by anyone may lead to temporary closures of databases to our university, and in certain cases, the violation may result in complete closures.
  • To avoid such problems, users are requested to help us and follow the rules below.
  • Favorable Situations
  • Unfavorable Situations

Users are allowed

  • to get a certain number of printed or electronic copies, for instance, a section of a book or an article or a thesis,
  • to use these copies to meet their own needs, for instance, in your research or class,
  • to share data and information they collect from databases with staff and students on the campus.

Users are not allowed

  • to copy and transfer a large number of publications from databases regularly and for commercial purposes by using a robot and similar software,
  • to sell databases or distribute their contents, and to transfer the information copied from databases to people outside the university,
  • to distribute content or articles copied from databases via mailing lists,
  • to make modifications to records downloaded from databases or generate similar works by making use of them.