Why Okan Vocational School?

At Istanbul Okan University, we enjoy working hard to achieve our mission of giving our students the necessary qualities to be successful in their jobs and to become successful entrepreneurs.

Our schedule addresses all the necessities of modern working life and follows the requirements of every sector. Working alongside our experienced and respected academic staff are work sector professionals committed to giving our students a clearer perspective on working life.

Istanbul Okan University has various protocols in place from which our students can benefit in order to help them complete their internship as they study. Okan MYO has a team working non-stop to arrange more agreements with companies to give our students part-time job opportunities as they study and aim to work for these respected companies after graduation.

Knowing the importance of English, we always encourage our students to prepare for their course and provide a whole mandatory prep year with professional English teachers to ensure that they are ready for their degree. Even if students choose to study in the departments in which English is not necessary they are nevertheless welcome to complete the preparatory year to improve their English.

Okan MYO has pioneered a wonderful opportunity this year, giving our vocational school students the chance to obtain a ‘double major’ when they graduate. This ‘1+1’ model requires our students to study a year in Okan MYO and a year at a college in London. The three colleges our students can opt to study at are Havering College, Hackney College and the College of North-West London. The students also have the opportunity to complete study-internships, thereby making money as they study.

Okan MYO students can study for a minor alongside their major and get certificates from other departments.

If our students want to have further academic knowledge of their department, they have the opportunity to study in a four year university programme without losing the years they study in Okan MYO, if they are successful in the required exam.

At Istanbul Okan University we also do our best to help our students plan their careers, giving them the education they need to succeed at the highest level, tutoring them with our professional staff and encouraging them to take part in the modern business world before they graduate. We also encourage them to strive to develop themselves by showcasing their endless potential, and allowing them to figure out what they want.


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