İstanbul Okan University

Faculty Secretary



Gizem Tan Olağan
Gizem Tan OlağanEngineering Faculty and Natural Sciences Faculty Secretary
Ecem Tan
Ecem TanEngineering Faculty and Natural Sciences Unit Secretary
Ayça Özcan
Ayça ÖzcanFaculty of Health Sciences Faculty Secretary
Berfu Cevizli
Berfu CevizliConservatory Conservatory Secretary
Bilge Doğan
Bilge DoğanFaculty of Education Faculty Secretary
Büşra Torun Mamat
Büşra Torun MamatFaculty of Health Sciences Unit Secretary
Eylem Bozok
Eylem BozokFaculty of Applied Sciences Faculty Secretary
Feride Müzeyyen Dizdar
Feride Müzeyyen DizdarFaculty of Law Faculty Secretary
Gaye Burul
Gaye BurulForeign Languages Coordination Secretary
Foreign Language Coordinator
İlknur Şen
İlknur ŞenFaculty of Medicine Unit Secretary
İrem Feride Manici
İrem Feride ManiciFaculty of Education Unit Secretary
Kübra Nur Göğüs
Kübra Nur GöğüsFaculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty Secretary
Pembegül Unudulmaz
Pembegül UnudulmazFaculty of Arts, Design and Architecture Faculty Secretary
Sevda Bulmuş
Sevda BulmuşFaculty of Business and Management Sciences Faculty Secretary
Sibel Diler
Sibel DilerFaculty of Dentistry Faculty Secretary
Bahar Şahin
Bahar ŞahinFaculty of Law Secretary


Selda Duran
Selda DuranHealth Services Vocational School Vocational School Secretary
Sibel Öztaş
Sibel ÖztaşVocational School Vocational School Secretary
Sabahat Jan
Sabahat JanHealth Services Vocational School Manager Secretary
Cengiz Altunel
Cengiz AltunelHealth Services Vocational School Program Secretary


Müjgan Keskinkılıç
Müjgan KeskinkılıçInstitute Secretariat Institute Secretary