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As an international student, you can apply to our university by scanning the necessary documents and uploading them to our Online System, and specifying the program and department you wish to study at.

Undergraduate: A high school diploma, transcript, passport, residence permit (if applicable), blue card (if applicable), language proficiency certificate (if applicable), exam results certificate (if applicable)

Master: A bachelor’s diploma, transcript, passport, residence permit (if applicable), blue card (if applicable), reference letter, language proficiency certificate (if applicable), exam result certificate (if applicable)

PhD: A postgraduate diploma (if the document is not English, its translation by a certified translator will be required during registration) , postgraduate transcript (if the document is not English, its translation will be required during registration) , passport ,reference letter (if requested by the department)

Students who wish to continue their education at our university after studying at another university must submit their original transcript from the current university, high school diploma, passport copy, and course description to the registrar's office. Exemptions from courses will be based on the assessment and decision of the department. Students who wish to learn about their exemption status must contact the related department after registration.

Istanbul Okan University’s Student Dormitories aim to create an environment that enables students to be successful by studying and living in a clean, comfortable, safe and cultured environment. Social and cultural activities organized in the dormitories also contribute to the success of this goal.

Dormitory for girls
Our girls' dormitory has rooms for 2-4 people available. The rooms have a bathroom, toilet (hot water 24/7), bed, quilt, pillow, dresser, nightstand, desk, fridge, air conditioning and wireless internet.

Dormitory for boys
Our boys' dormitory has rooms for 2-4 people available. The rooms have a bathroom, toilet (hot water 24/7), bed, quilt, pillow, dresser, desk, and wireless internet.

Existing Shared Areas and Practices in Dormitories
There are separate lounges, study rooms, drawing desks for architects, internet halls, restrooms, laundry and ironing rooms (laundry and drying machines are free to use), a cafeteria (separate in the boys dormitory), an open kitchen and hot and cold water dispensers on each floor.

Our dormitories are meticulously cleaned by the cleaning staff on a daily basis. All the dormitories have security cameras that operate 24 hours a day. ID cards must be scanned on turnstiles to enter and exit. Weekday check-in time is 00.30 and weekend check-in time is 01.00.

Students may receive services free of charge from doctors and psychologists who are in the Department of Health, Culture and Sports at our university.

Istanbul Okan University has three infirmaries, each of which employs one nurse. In these units, immediate medical response, medication support for various complaints, dressing, and tension measuring are provided. Students with any health problem may receive support from infirmaries, may be examined by the doctor, and may benefit from discounts at Istanbul Okan University Hospitals.

Sports activities at Istanbul Okan University are carried out by the Sports Club established under the Student Clubs Association. The aim of the Sports Club is to bring together students, academic and administrative staff on the common ground of sports.

The university administration continuously supports sports activities, team building, participating in and creating organizations, and has a promotive role in the organization of such activities.

Students carry out their professional, scientific, social, artistic, cultural, and sports activities as extracurricular events through Student Clubs in association with Istanbul Okan

University’s Student Clubs Association Directive.

The clubs are organizations in which students develop skills including taking part in a team, socializing, enhancing their sense of responsibility and mission, and engaging in activities that contribute to their professional and personal development. Therefore, it is very important for students to attend at least one club during university and participate in the activities.

All clubs are open to all IOU students regardless of the department/program. Students may join whichever club they please based on their interests and abilities.

The Student Life, Career and Alumni Counseling Department and Alumni Association provides counseling services to our students and graduates.

Student registrations are made by the Registrar's Office.
The registration process cannot be completed unless the required documents are provided.
Until provided, existing registrations may be cancelled. The documents required for registration are as follows:
An original High School Diploma (an interim graduation certificate for newly graduated students whose diplomas have not been prepared by the registration date), an English or Turkish translation obtained from a certified translation bureau if the high school diploma is not in English

* An "Equivalence Certificate," which shows the equivalency of the diploma to those received from Turkish high schools, to be received from the T.R. Ministry of National Education or Turkish Embassies or Consulates in the country of residence
* A transcript certified by the high school administration showing the grades and courses the candidate has taken in high school and an English or Turkish translation obtained from a certified translation bureau if the original document is not English
* An original exam results document or a copy approved by a notary public in the country of residence or by Turkish Foreign Representatives (if applicable)
* An English or Turkish translation of pages showing the passport credentials and validity obtained from a certified translation bureau if the passport information is not in English
* A "Student Visa" to be obtained from Turkish Foreign Representatives (student certificate to be obtained from our university and a copy of a new residence permit for study from the Foreigners Branch for foreigners living in Turkey)
* A residence permit (must be submitted to the registrar's office within a month of the registration date)
* Health Insurance (obtained in Turkey)
* An original Foreign Language or Turkish Proficiency document approved by the Turkish Embassy or Consulate in the country of residence (if applicable)
* A bank receipt showing that the contribution has been deposited
* Six passport photos

After the registration is officially completed by the Registrar's Office, the student ID card will be prepared and given to the student within one week.

In order to complete the registration process, student must pay at least 2/5 of the total annual fee. The remaining fee may be divided into installments by the Financial Affairs Department.

You can make your payments from Fiba Bank’s branch at Istanbul Okan University’s main campus or any other branch (to the relevant account of Istanbul Okan University), and you can check with the Department of Financial Affairs with the receipt given to you. Alternatively, you can transfer money to the relevant account via bank transfer in Turkey or via international bank transfer with your name and passport number/student number. You can also use E-Payment.

Students must complete their final registration. Student must go to the IT department with their ID numbers and get a username and password.They must select their courses online through the OIS system using this username and password. Finally, they must go to their advisors and get their courses approved.

You can reach the contact information in your faculty web site.

Undergraduate programs last overall 5 years including 1 year preparatory class (if needed) + 4 years faculty classes.
Medicine program last 6 years and Dentistry program last 5 years, not including preparatory class.
Master programs last 2 years.
PhD programs last 4 years.