Department Chair's Message


Food Engineering is a multidisciplinary field that applies engineering principles on life sciences including food safety, food quality, and food resources. Food Engineers should be equipped with contemporary knowledge and abilities to produce safe food products with longer shelf life; to develop new food products; to design new food production techniques, equipments, and processes by making biochemical, technological, and economical assessments; to improve and maintain food quality, and to increase the food diversity.

Considering today’s consumer demands for safe, high-quality, and economic food products with longer shelf life and diversity, it is inevitable that food engineers have to develop novel process/system/product solutions. Therefore, Istanbul Okan University Food Engineering Department offers an educational program that provides graduates capable to identify and solve problems associated with food processing, production, and distribution.

The most important and unique features of Istanbul Okan University Food Engineering undergraduate program is that it educates food engineers with the qualifications needed by the industry and prepared for the business life. Therefore, ‘Education with Industrial Cooperation’s program (Cooperative Training) is included in 4-year undergraduate curriculum. This program, with the cooperation of the food industry and the university, provides opportunities for students to practice their knowledge and skills gained by the educational activities. At the same time, this cooperative training program built on the basic education training program will continue with the course of ‘Capstone Design Project’. In this way, our students, by taking advantage of all the knowledge and skills gained in the food engineering education up to 8th semester will participate in the program’s most important design project by taking part in the industry and by creating solutions to recent problems directly. Our students will already gain experience in the food industry before completion of 4-year undergraduate program when they are given the title of the ‘Food Engineer’.

I wish all the students a successful year who will enrol in this academic year to Istanbul Okan University Food Engineering undergraduate program tailored with the needs of the era with our experienced academic staff.