Department Chair's Message


At the atmosphere of global competition and risk the success of businesses depends on accurate, reliable and timely provided financial decisions supported by information. Information about accounting and finance has an essential importance for all units operating in public and private sector. Enterprises in the corporate and financial sector have skilled labor demand, which have theoretical background and the ability to practice in the field of accounting and finance.

With the prepared program of department, graduates are aimed to have high income and reach a reputable life in addition to have a prestigious profession. For this purpose, the lessons of basic business administration, law, accounting and finance professionals are taken by the students of Department of Accounting and Financial Management for four years.

The teaching language is Turkish. Our students have a compulsory English preparatory year and take English classes during their undergraduate education. In addition to English, they can learn German, Russian and Chinese as a second foreign language. The activities of multinational corporations and computer programs used in the sector such as LOGO, ETA are also teached.

As a result, students can have the chance to work on their own or be a part of accounting and finance areas in businesses.