Practical Informations


Student Visa
Students who are not Turkish citizens require a student visa to enter Turkey. Student visas must be obtained before coming to Turkey from a Turkish Consulate. International students who are accepted for studies at İstanbul Okan University will receive a “Full Acceptance Letter” to facilitate their student visa application to the Turkish Consulate in their home country. The process of issuing a visa for Turkey generally takes around 6 weeks. Please consult the website of the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs to learn the addresses and contact information of Turkish Embassies and Consulate Generals in your home country.

High School Diploma Equivalency
This is an easy procedure in which the Provincial Department of Education in Istanbul (and in some cases a Turkish Embassy/Consulate) will provide an “Equivalency Letter” (in Turkish, a ”Denklik Belgesi”) certifying that the foreign high school diploma is equivalent to its counterpart, the Turkish high school diploma.

This document is delivered by applying in person and providing the original foreign high school diploma, its official Turkish translation and the student’s passport.

Health Insurance
In order to apply for residence permit you need to have a valid insurance. According to the latest regulations international students have to obtain a one-year valid health insurance for each year they are planning to stay in the country.
To obtain health insurance, students need the following documents:

  • Passport ID
  • The amount of insurance fee which changes depending on the age of the applicant

Residence Permit
Within one month of a student’s arrival in Turkey, international students must obtain a residence permit. To obtain a residence permit, students need the following documents:

  • Online application form E-ikamet
  • Health insurance
  • Passport copy with an arrival stamp on it
  • Original student certificate
  • Forms obtained from the International Programs Office
  • Tax number from the Tax Office in Turkey with an official receipt

Transportation Card
IstanbulKart is a card that can be used as an automatic payment method on buses, trams, trains, metros and ferries. After getting your student certificate, you can obtain this card from any of the IETT operation centers in İstanbul.

For further information visit IETT
Note: Cards need to be renewed each year.

How to open a BANK ACCOUNT
Banks throughout the country offer full foreign currency and TL services; you can process your banking transactions via the Internet or use the telephone banking option.

You will need the following documents:

  • Tax number from the Tax Office
  • Student certificate
  • Passport and ID

How to obtain the mobile phone SIM CARD
After receiving your temporary citizenship number, passport ID and your tax number, you can buy a SIM card from different agents such as Turkcell, Vodafone, etc.

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