Treasure from Garbage

12 Ağustos 2015

Okan University's Social Entrepreneurship and Social Responsibility Research Center organized a festival called “From Garbage to Treasure”. It was held at 3rd of April with the participation of Okan University Innovative Design Center and Foundation out with the Trash.

100 students competed from different studies at Okan University. After joining a workshop about “Garbage, Waste Material and Recycling”; they had another workshop about “Usable Product and Design”. Then they started to design different functional things from waste material.

Jury was made of: Ece Kuray, İngi Fernandez, Pınar Öztürk, Meriç Aktaş Ateş, Müge Çerman, Ezgi Yıldırım Saatçi. 12 groups were evaluated within “creativity, properness, usability and waste material management”. In addition to this, Ayhan Oğlakçı – Sercan Uzunbay won the big prize SAMSUNG SM-T532 GALAXY TAB4 10,1 with their design project called “Hedgehog”. Also Oğuzhan Çıtak – Erdi Karabayır – Erdem Ustaoğlu’s design was acceptable as less material harm and they were invited to the foundation as an envoy from Okan University. Gizem Kızılay – Pınar Kızılay – İbrahim Can Etaş’s design was also good and they won Start-up Bootcamp meeting.