Students not only the introduction of the electrically powered system, the presence of the malfunction, electrical machinery and engine work systems, electricity transmission and distribution, control and automation systems for industrial and laboratory applications in conjunction with the teaching manual has been prepared to develop their skills. Program private and public sector on all matters related to skilled electrical, knowledgeable and able to intervene immediately at the moment of failure, both electronic and electricity can nest if statements, professional knowledge is enough to open their own repair shops when necessary of aerodromes taking search elements capable of cultivating.

In this program students age teaching can keep up with the development of the vision, the functioning of the new system, judges, skilled and always open to development technicians shall take their place in the industry as well.

The total credits required for the satisfactory completion of the curriculum are 69 credits. The program additionally requires one internship enduring 40 work days.

Training Period: 2 Years
Voluntary Prep School: Yes
Point Description: YGS-1
Evening Education: None

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Advisory Board

  • Koray ÇELEBİ - ALTHERM - Sales and Marketing Coordinator
  • Ali AKTAŞ - BOSCH Heating Systems - Marketing, Product Management and Technical Education Director
  • Suat Eyi - BOSCH Heating Systems - Training Manager
  • Dr. Ayhan UMAY - WILO - Education Officer