Department Chair's Message


Communication technologies are changing our personal and communal life in an unparalleled speed. In our days in which the borders are lifted and rules rewritten, developing media technologies have been the catalyzer of this change and have affected all fractions of the society. In order to manage this change, we need people’s expert in this field more than ever.

Our department has the objective to prepare the students for the developing media environment of our day and raise them as the leaders of the future by combining the theoretical information with sectorial experience.

Our department has an inter-disciplinary construction providing courses in areas such as technology, informatics, design and marketing communication. Our students will gain expertise in the required creative and applied processes of this field thanks to the information and accumulation which they will gain throughout their education. Our goal is to raise our students as capable sector professionals focused on problem solving.

Our top goals are to examine the different aspects of this developing field with our students, such as new media applications, effects of mobile media, design of multimedia solutions, development of strategic communication campaigns, content production and effect of new media on cultural change, and to contribute to the field both in an academic and practical ways thanks to our staff comprising of capable scholars and sector professionals.

The New Media department presents the students with the opportunity of becoming a member of a lively and dynamic society of an artists, designers, scholars and professionals.