About the Department


The concept of new media, which was initially approached within the framework of courses, has been established as an independent department, intensive in design and software, in various educational units of universities thanks to academic and sectorial developments. Likewise, parallel to this global development, New Media departments are being founded in our country.

The main reason for necessitating the “New Media” department is the need to teach, with demonstrations in practice, the other communication disciplines’ relations and communal usage areas along with digital media. Within this framework, the department “New Media” is related to many different disciplines such as public relations, advertisement, visual communication design, informatics sociology and political sciences.

Accordingly, the foundation of this department was needed to raise persons competent in content preparation, management and marketing communications areas, who will have a voice in new communication channels.

From an academic perspective, the main goals include production of new ideas within the area, contributing to the developing literature; educate future scholars and developing new projects in applied sciences.

In the New Media department, it is important to present to students concepts and theories along with the developments within the digital field, to examine of these within the framework of Turkey and to prepare the ground for the production of new academic studies which will contribute to both Turkish and global literature. Accordingly, it is envisaged to present the students with theoretical information on communication technologies, web design, social media, content managements and similar areas requiring digital expertise while also giving them educational experiences by internships and sectorial collaborations.