About the Department


Aviation industry is having radical changes in a world that is being changed by globalization, technology and communication. Meanwhile the share of air transportation in the industry has increased regularly. With the regulations that have been made in the last 20 years; activity and market share of the companies and corporations which serves the industry has increased and the industry reached to 33M employment and 1,8B USD, Gross Revenue during this time. Employment and growth in aviation industry are presumed to be continued to increase according to economic indicators.

Recently, civil aviation activities are in progress and the importance of it among the other industries is increasing day by day. Based on the number of passengers; approximately 5% increase per year in the last ten years, and our country is dramatically above world average, performing 15% increase per year as pointing out by authorities. Turkey is a regional center, not only on the topics of passenger and load transportation but also airport and port administration and aircraft maintenance, manufacturing and modernization services.

According to 2013 datas, only Turkish Airlines have about 45M passengers and almost 18,000 personel is employed in this company. The increase in the number passengers in domestic flights is 25,3 % and in international flights 23,1 % compared to last year’s data. General Directorate of State Airports Authority stated that the number of airways passengers is presumed to be reached to 152M. With the foresight of number of passengers in domestic flights in state and private airline companies in 2023 will be 400M; number of airports (42) will be increased to 55, constructing new high capacity airports and improving current airports by increasing their capacity.

These fast improvements, increases the requirement of personel who are the vital elements of civil aviation industry, and trained in both fundamental aviation and business administration/management courses. It is very important to train young talents who will accelerate the growth of the industry. The need of qualified employee of aviation industry in the areas of airport transportation of state and private entities, airport management, operational performance, airport security, ground services, passenger services, air cargo.. is increased in national and international scopes.

Our target in Aviation Management Dpt. is to train management trainees who are foreign language speaker, high-technology informed, can innovate himself/herself always, and have the expertise and qualifications which are able to answer the needs in these areas, can work in national and international scope in the areas of airport and port administrations, ground service companies and airlines companies. Through this vision, on one side; the collaboration of The Pilotage Dpt. founded within our college, academically and technologically, our university being very close to Sabiha Gökçen Airport is providing advantage of our students can go anytime and practice, see the facility and examine it, and share the knowledge.