About the Department


Our academic department is included in the "Higher Education Programs and Quota Guide" as two different departments, in Turkish and English. In both of our departments, the score type is numerical (SAY). In our department whose language of instruction is English, English Language Preparatory School is compulsory for one year. Students who pass the Preparatory Class at the end of the academic year start their four-year undergraduate education at the beginning of the next academic year. Our students who are placed in our Turkish department start their four-year undergraduate education as of the year they are placed in the department.

Our four-year education program (curriculum) has been formed generally with the courses selected from the field of informatics. The aim of our curriculum is to ensure that our students are educated in line with vision of informatics.

Topics covered in our IT courses include;

  • Algorithm,
  • Programming,
  • Object-based programming,
  • Visual Programming,
  • Internet Programming,
  • Software Development for Mobile Devices (Android, IOS),
  • Data Structures,
  • Database (Microsoft SQL, Oracle SQL / PLSQL),
  • Data Mining, Machine Learning,
  • Operating Systems (Windows, Linux),
  • Robotics Programming (Arduino, Raspberry PI),
  • Industry 4.0,
  • Computer Networks, Network Switching and Routing (CISCO),
  • Cyber security.

Organizational Behavior, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Business and Entrepreneurship courses are provided for our students to improve themselves in the field of management sciences.

Our curriculum is designed to integrate theoretical and practical knowledge, informatics courses are mostly applied and renewed in line with technological developments and current requirements. Our students are provided with compulsory or voluntary internship programs within the framework of 'Preparation for Work Life' and 'Internship' programs. In addition to domestic and international internship opportunities, there are also opportunities to work part-time.

Our students have the opportunity to do double major and minor programs with other departments within our university. They can also take part in the Erasmus program where they can continue their education in Europe for one or two semesters. In addition to the English language training, our students can also study a second foreign language in German, Arabic, Chinese and Russian.