About The Faculty


In the Faculty of Applied Sciences, it is aimed to educate individuals who are able to keep up with the rapid changes of the 21st century, have up-to-date theoretical knowledge, practice-oriented infrastructure of their profession.

In our faculty, which started education in 2004, the departments opened by taking into consideration the areas that the business world needs qualified personnel are as follows;

  • Information Systems and Technologies (2004)
  • Public Relations and Advertising (2008)
  • Gastronomy and Culinary Arts (2009)
  • Sports Management (2009)
  • Flight Training (2013)
  • Aviation Management (2014)
  • New Media (2014)

Our faculty, which provides education in departments closely related to the business world for the purposes of our university, provides the necessary support at every stage of the education process in order to enable our students to become familiar with the business fields they will work in and to have experience with their preparatory programs, compulsory and optional internships.