Department Chair's Message


The aviation sector in Turkey, as everywhere in the world, has been evolving rapidly.

In our country, the number of construction of new airports has increased and some of them already started being used and some others are still in construction period. Turkey had around 350 aircraft in the aviation industry but according to the civil aircraft strategic plan of 2013 it was planned to have 750 aircraft . With the significant investments being made in this subject, it became clear that for the civil aviation sector, the most important need was the trained personnel and to increase the number of them was essential.

Istanbul Okan University ,which is one the first Universities has a department of civil aviation, has the necessary infrastructure, experienced teaching staff and experience as a university sector. The university which is the nearest university to the sector and with its experience and the civil aviation sector leading institutions, organizations and businesses with the protocols equipped in conformity to the industry's needs. Its goal is to train students who have critical thinking abilities and completed their individual and social developments.

Our graduates, with their skills they get from the university and with their internship experience in important sector organizations can get the opportunities to find very good jobs.