Dean's Message


The Faculty of Applied Sciences where the teaching language is Turkish; offers four-year degree programs. The Faculty of Applied Sciences provides students with theoretical and practical learning opportunities. Our faculty equips our students with the knowledge and skills they can put into practice immediately after graduation.

Well-educated, problem-focused, ready to embark on business life, our students, who are trying to be creative in the sector they specialize in, will help to eliminate the lack of trained people in our country. Information Systems and Technologies, Gastronomy, Public Relations and Advertising, Aviation Management, Flight Training and Sports Management and New Media departments are included in our structure. Job opportunities offered by our departments are constantly evolving and will continue to developments in the world and Turkey, are attractive business areas.

While the students are given a solid academic formation with theoretical courses taught during their education; on the other hand, through close relations with the business world, internship opportunities and current vocational training programs, they are aimed to have strong and versatile equipment. In addition to English as a compulsory foreign language, students who want to learn a second foreign language can choose German, Arabic, Chinese or Russian. Students can benefit from the minor and double major programs available at our university and exchange programs with the universities that are contracted within the framework of the European Union - Erasmus Program.

Our university-age youth can find the necessary information about our faculty in the other columns of our website. I invite you to take advantage of the rich learning opportunities offered by our university and faculty and wish you success.