Head Of Department Message


The importance of “informatics” concept increases rapidly due to the technological developments. The reasons that increase the importance; globalization, the rapid expansion of the internet network, the growth of the information society and information-based economies, the needs of companies that have undergone digital transformation.

According to TUBISAD (IT Industrialists Association of Turkey) data there is an information and communication technologies (ICT) market of 32.1 billion dollars in the world. Turkey is located on an annual basis in this market with about 898 million dollars in software exports, approximately 391 million dollars in hardware exports and about 1.3 billion dollars with information and communication technology service exports. The information sector, which is a growing sector even in times of crisis, e-commerce, e-government is a sector that has a share in modern transformations and has great business potential.

In our web site, you can access information about the undergraduate program, curriculum vitae of the academic staff and the activities of our department as well as the research areas of the academic staff.

Our faculty members, who are constantly developing and open to new technologies and applications, provide professional support to our students. In addition, projects are being developed with the information industry companies, including our students.

We expect everyone who wants to have a quality education and a successful career.