Dean's Message


Definition of work, the way we work, and expectations of employers have changed. The international system is in transformation and surely the business lexicon follows. Businesses that aim to offer “good work”,or that define itself as “social business”, “socially responsible business”, firms that pritoritize “corporate responsibility” are the trend. These new definitions of work and business point out how, both the employers and employees, need to rethink about their values- and how much new employees and the leaders value and are motivated by inclusivity and democratic governance.

We live in fast paced, complex, volatile times where ambiguity reigns. We face with unexpected events where we should take instantenous decisions and move forward. Therefore, in the future, individuals who can adopt to new circumstances easily, who are open to new ideas and life-long learning, who are respectful of the environment, who are visionary, who can build inclusive and democraticteams and work in those would be succesful.

At the Istanbul Okan University’s Faculty of Business and Administrative Sciences, we all work towards instilling these adaptative skills in our students. Our faculty in Departments of Business, Economy and Finance, International Relations, International Trade, and Logistics Management, are all equipped not only with academic credentials but also with business experience. We would like our students not only to have good jobs when they graduate, but also to become good employers and employees to whom we trust our future with.

The curriculum of the Departments are enriched with double major and co-major options for our students. Furthermore, our teaching philosophy is based on the understanding that each student learns differently. Therefore we employ various teaching methods, prioritizing our students’ participation in the process. We also encourage students of different departments to come together in interdisciplinary events, even certificate programs.

We carry our University’s mission to be a truly international university to our campus through the Erasmus agremeents and our international student body. Our students study in English along with their friends from all over the world in our multicultural, inclusive, democratic campus. Participating in Erasmus and international programs and experiencing campus life prepares them to become citizens of the world.

Our students meet the business world as soon as they enter the campus. They have to take the Entrepreneurship course, a course that is designed to bring together business leaders with our students, to complete their internship, to choose the CO_OP program that secures a semester-long internship and usually job offers.

Our campus enables students to focus on extra-currucilar activities on campus, participate in collaborative programs that our Faculty members are involved in with close-by industries and businesses. Our Faculty and students take pride in improving our locality as well.

We are, along with all our stakeholders, thrilled to entrust our future with students with sharp analytical skills, curious to learn more about the scientific advances, able to put day to day events in the bigger context, and enriched in a multicultural, interdisciplinary environment.