Dean's Message


Business and Administrative Sciences Faculty of our university is not only the closest faculty to the business world but also creates inner synergy with departments in global polical and economical environment of the business world.

The business world is exposed to important changes based on the volatile developments in the global political and economical events of our era. In addition to them technology has also an important impact on it. The latest and most striking technological change will be Industry 4.0 based developments. In this dynamic environment we educate our future graduates in our inter related departments of Business Administration, Banking and Finance, International Trade, International Logistics and International Relations.

In a given volatile and dynamic environment one of the most important competencies of our graduates will be “managing change and adapting to change”. In that respect we intend to equip our students with learning to learn skills in order to help them in their future career shifts. We have revised our curriculums and teaching methods in order to meet these goals. Inter disciplinary academic program integrations, business simulation gaming based experiential learning capabilities, branded courses run by the companies, CO-OP programs, ERASMUS and exchange programs based internationalization policies, entrepreneurship and personal development programs can be listed our differences. Our integration with the Okan International University in Miami USA adds another important value to our programs and students. Our accreditation processes with ACICS and ACBSP is continuning with the involvement of our departments.

We educate our students with the dynamic and interdisciplinary educational approaches, collaboration with the Istanbul business world, in order to help them to have innovative and open minded perspectives with the appreciation of human rights and freedom. Our pride rests on the successes of our graduates as entrepreneurs and career professionals.