Career Opportunities


Certificates our graduate students can get: Foreign trader – Foreign Exchanger – Importer – Exporter – Brokers (according to their specific area and job)

Working areas and job finding opportunities: If students spend their university life in an active way, involved in student clubs which develop their communication and management skills, attend seminars and training, certification inside and outside the university to add their cv, integrate their work experiences even whey they study, learn double foreign language properly, select their target in university life then they will not be looking for jobs because job will COME for them.

Where to work; we can ask that question like that; Import, Export, external purchasing, external selling, marketing departments and customs, transportation, logistics departments of companies. Foreign exchange and inspection boards of banks. They can be Specialist of Economy, Custom, Tax and Income or assistant specialists for related ministries. Also if they want to run their own business, they can end KOSGEB supported programs and take initiative to do it.

The biggest advantage of this department: It is a dynamic, excited and alive area to study. Supported by projects, develops throughout meetings with people applied best processes to international trade area, moves forward with activities and certification programs, opportunities to individual and Professional development and improving vision by knowledge tours. Integration with World. Possibilities of sharing foreign trade knowledge. Our developing vision and mission brings rise of ideas that will build the future.