Career Opportunities


Our graduates can work as professional managers at multinational companies and can become entrepreneurs for start-up businesses. In today's modern and dynamic business environment, executives are required to have competency in their field, analytical thinking and creative problem solving skills. The undergraduate program at Okan University, in this sense, takes into account these requirements in order to make their graduates competitive and creative for developing innovative business models. In order to support the career development of our alumni, Okan University Career Center has institutional cooperation agreement with more than 700 companies and through this center students can apply for internship, part-time and full-time employment, and work in the Cooperative Education ( COOPerative Learning ) during their last semester. The list of companies and institutions in cooperation with Okan University can be found in the website.

Graduates from the Department of Business Administration at Okan University will have the ability to work as managers in multiple sectors such as fast moving consumer goods, banking, insurance, pharmaceuticals, and retailing and can work in the following areas:

  • Strategy development
  • Decision support
  • Project management
  • Human resource management
  • Management information system
  • Innovation management
  • Budgeting and budget management
  • Cost analysis
  • Marketing
  • Market research
  • Data management and analysis
  • Digital marketing
  • Sales management
  • Product management
  • Purchasing
  • Production management and planning
  • Accounting
  • Auditing
  • Investment analysis
  • Financial planning and management
  • Public administration
  • Stock market investment
  • Consulting