The Student Information System (OIS) is an online tool that manages the information related to Okan University Students. Only authorized staff can use SIS to view, update, and report on student records. The system is also connected with other university information systems, and provides necessary information to other software at the University.

Students can log into the Student Information System at OIS by using their username(student number) and passwords and carry out the following transactions:

  • Official Document Request
  • View Transcript Online
  • View Other Academic Information
  • Choose Courses for Each Semester
  • View the Information of Academic Advisor
  • Send Message to the Academic Advisor (you can see your advisor contact details in OIS)
  • View Information of Curriculum
  • View Schedule of Classes
  • View Grades within the Period
  • Calculation of Transcript Grades
  • View Class Attendance Records
  • View/Update Personal Information

Your student number(username) and password are given you by international Students Office after finilizing your regisitration. You see these information on “student information form” at your registration time.

In case you have debt (overdue payments) you can not have access to OIS and your grades can not be transfered to your transcript . Besides you can not request student certificate as well. So please meet your payment plan in order to have access to OIS, to see your grades in your transsctipt and to be able to request student certificate which is so important and necessary document for too many stages like residence permit.

First of all please make sure that you gave your current and correct phone number to International Students Office as after changing password , your new password will come to your phone as a message.

If you want to change your password or in case you want to get new password because your password doesn’t workyou canget your new passwordthrough “Change Password” field .

You will need to write your student number and TC ID number.

TC ID number for international Students is the number that is written on your residence permit card . If you do not have your residence permit card , you can use the number written on the “student infırmation form“ that is given at your registration time and on which you can see your student number and password details . This number starts with “98”.
After you get your residence permit card it starts with “99” and this is your TC ID number from now on.

If you need help for password you can always request help from International Students Office