Each student,must proceed with their financial registration after completing his/her preliminary academic registration at the International Students Office,

1. Students who have to pay tuition fees must either pay the annual tuition fee in advance or agree on an installment plan with the Finance Office.
Tuition fees and installment plans are determined and announced by the Finance Office before the registration periods and specified within acceptance letter

2. Payment through bank or credit card are acceptable

3. Finance Office, informs the International Students Office, when the tuition fee is paid or an installment plan is duly approved and signed.

4. International Students Office completes student’s registration upon the approval of the Financial Office.

5. Each student must renew their financial registration at the beginning of the academic year, by august.

6. Every year, tuition fees are announced in March for the following academic for the following academic year.

Once the tuition fees are paid, there is no refund possible.


1)You can make your payments via money transfer
If you pay by bank transfer you should state crucial informations on acknowledgement part as we need to know who the fee is from. This is so important! Otherwise your payment will not be listed under your account.

When sending a bank transfer you should state the following information as acknowledgement;

  • Student School Number (it is listed on your school ID)
  • Your family name
  • Your passport number
  • Your name (as long as the line permits)

For Turkish Liras payment:
Swift Kodu(BIC) : TVBATR2A
Banka : Vakıf Bank
Banka Kodu : 0015
Iban /TL : TR73 0001 5001 5800 7299 0036 06

For USD payments:
Banka : Fiba Banka
Banka KODU :103
IBAN/USD : TR73 0010 3000 0000 0029 9568 81

2) You can make your payments via credit cards
You can make your payments by using online payment system.
In order to proceed your E-Payment you need to have a credit card which is open to international purchases.
If you would like to complete your payments by using online payment system, please click here;

Existing Students Online Payment

How To Use Online Payment System