Istanbul Okan University students, are allowed to borrow books from the library.

In order to use this service you need to have student card. Reference books, periodicals, unpublished theses, rare literary works, reserved and course books are not to be borrowed.

Library users failing to return the books on time may not borrow books and/or publications.

Loan Period
All users, without exception, are expected to return the books within 15 days.
Users may borrow only one book per 15 days.

Inter-Library Loans of Books
The books and/or publications which are not in stock in our own library will be provided from other universities, within the framework of the conditions determined by the Library Consortium and are available for the use of academic staff.

Working Hours
Weekdays: 08:00 – 24:00
Saturdays: 11:00– 19:00
Sundays: 11:00– 19:00
Weekdays (during summer /holidays): 08:30 – 17:30

Internet Accessibility
Okan University enables its library users to make use of 50 computers for internet access to reach the data they are looking for. Additionally, users have the opportunity to access the free wi-fi network from any part of the library.

E- Library
Students can access to online databases by using own university e-mail address and password.