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İstanbul has advanced transportation system utilizing almost all the known forms of public transportation. Buses, metro buses, underground transportation, tramways, funiculars, ferries are the most common used transportation means. Most of them are linked each other. You can pay almost all of them by one single card called Istanbul Card

Students can apply for Student Istanbul Card for cheaper transportation.

There are some steps you need to follow:

First, to be able to apply for Istanbul Card,your temporary identity number, YÖK number, should be created by the University. This is the number that you will be using until your Foreign Identity Number is created. YÖK numbers will be ready within the second week after registrations.

Apply personally!

In order to apply personally you need to make an online appointment and visit one of the IETT application centers to get your Istanbul Card.

Please make your appointment and submit the required documents to an IETT office. Your card will be ready within few minutes after you apply.

Required documents:

  1. Application form. Please ask for help from your friend who speaks Turkish to fill out this form, as it is in Turkish. The form should be signed and stamped by Student Affairs before you take it to the IETT Office.
  2. Student Certificate which is an official document stating that you are currently registered student at İstanbul Okan University. (You can obtain it from Student Affairs)
  3. Original Passport
  4. 2 passport size photos
  5. 10 TL required fee

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