First Application


First you should visit the following online residence permit application page and choose “first application"

  • Fill in the form very carefully. (If you have several names, make sure that you write your first names and surname in the correct slots.
  • After completing the form, select an appointment date for your residence permit application. Write down your application number.
  • After you fill the form and select the appointment date, you should get a print of your application form. This is very important!

Submit the requested documents to International Students Office within 30 days after registering in university. Applications handed in on time to the International Students Office will be taken to the Immigration Office by university personnel. Please do not send or do not take your files to immigration office yoursellf . University is responsible for sending your files .

When your cards are approved by immigration office you will get a message to your phones and when your cards are sent to university again you will get message

** Please write university address within address field as residence permit cards will be sent to university and international students office will give your cards to you

Adress : İstanbul Okan Üniversitesi Tuzla Kampüsü 34959 Akfırat-Tuzla / İSTANBUL
Cadde : Ballıca
Mahalle: Tepeören
Apartment : 11/11

Please collect below documents and submit to our office

1) Old residence permit card copy ( double sided copy) (If you have)
2) Printed resdience permit application form
3) Residence Card fee receipt (Tax receipt) ( receipt of 125 TL)

You can obtain it from tax office or you can get it online . If you obtain from tax office , you should bring original tax receipt to our office . Copy is not accepted. You have to have residence permit application form and your passports with you when you go to tax office.

The important thing about card fee receipts (tax receipts) that you obtain from tax office or Ziraat Banks ; there should be stamp ( TAHSİL EDİLDİ ) on tax receipts . If there is not approval stamp ( STAMP OFTAHSİL EDİLDİ) your tax receipts will not be approved by immigration office and your application will be rejected . Please check if the officer put this stamp when he/she gives to you. If there is no stamp request him/her to make it.

Tax office address closest to university : Hürriyet, A-B 34876, Yakacık Cd. No:47, 34870 Kartal/İstanbul
If you pay 125 TL online and get the receipt , you can print it only ( it is already approved )

You can pay online through “interaktif vergi dairesi” Click to interactive tax office.

  • you don’t need password
  • “Başvuru numarası” On the 4th step you will see a field for a number. You can find the number on your residence permit application form page 6th (Accure no).

4) Copy of passport (identity information and photo page, stamp page and visa page) If you have entered Turkey with e-visa, you have to submit copy of your e-visa.

5)4 pcs biometric photo. It should be biometric ( with white ground , not smiling face and in biometric sizes ) otherwise it will be rejected by immigration office.

6) Health Insurance Document . If you need you can contact for health insurance . This health insurance company can provide health insurance for you.

7)Notification Form, Unemployment statement form and address form. All these 3 forms should be filed and signed.

Click For Notification Form

notification form should be filled as below;
You should write in “TEBELLÜĞ EDEN” part ; (at the bottom of the form)
Your name (ad) , surname (soyad) and your signature (imza )

Click For Unemployment Statement Form

Unemployment Statement formshould be filled as below ;
1st empty field : your nationality
2nd empty field : your passport number
3rd empty field : İSTANBUL OKAN
bottom part ; your name (ad) , surname (soyad) , your phone number (tel) and your signature (imza)

Click For Address Form

Address form should be filled as below ;
1st empty field : İSTANBUL OKAN
2nd empty field : your faculty name
3rd empty field : your Department name

Bottom part ; please write university address which is ;
İl: İstanbul
İlçe : Tuzla
Mahalle : Ballıca
Cadde / Sokak : Tepeören
Bina / Daire no: 11/11
Adı : your name
Soyadı: your surname
Pasaport no : your passport number
İmza : signature

Because you write university address on application form and address form to get your residence permit cards safely you may face difficulty while opening bank account as bank requires you to submit your rent contract and want to see current address. The bank may see the university address in the system when they check your address information and may not want to open bank account because of address discrepancy. In this case after receiving your residence permit card please go to “Bilgi Güncelleme” (Information Update ) Room in the Fatih Immigration Office and request them to update your address according to your current main address.

8) Student certificate ( recently dated ) You should apply Student certificate through OIS from document requested field . When it s approved you will see on your screen as ready ( hazır) You can download and print it.
Regarding Student certificate : In order to get student certificate you shouldn’t have debt (overdue payment) otherwise system doesn’t give student certificate . Also you have to have course registration in your OIS system . If you don’t have course registration you can not obtain Student certificate. Besides immigration office see you as passive student and reject your application.

For the master and PHD students who are in thesis period, they have to make thesis registration in system to get student certificate and to be seen as active student as well.

9) Deed of consent and Birth Certificate(only for under 18 students who did not come to Turkey with student visa)
Deed of consent (Muvafakatname (apostille or with embassy approved foreign ministerial approval and Turkish Translation) by the student's father/mother/legal guardian is required. The person under the age of 18 should obtain mentioned deed of consent from the legal authorities in their respective country mentioning that the student has permission to live in Turkey and study in Istanbul Okan University.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Certain conditions have been set for these two documents: • If students’ respective country is a party to the Apostille Convention, then the documents should have the Apostille approval by the Turkish embassy or consulate in their country. The certified Turkish translation of the documents have to be approved by the notary. • If the students’ documents have been prepared in their respective country without the Apostille approval, then they must firstly get them approved by their embassy or consulate in Turkey. Secondly, they should go to the district governorship, Legal Advisory Department to approve their certified Turkish translated documents.

*Birth certificate (Turkish translation - notary approved)
(apostille or with embassy approved foreign ministerial approval and notorized Turkish Translation)