Interruption of Registration


A student may ask for an interruption of his/her registration for one or two semesters. The interruption of registration is permitted with the approval of the relevant executive board and providing that one of the reasons below is applicable to his/her request:

a) student has a health condition which is certified by health institutions
b) student proves that his/her regular residence is in a “natural disaster area” by submitting a document from the highest administrative authority of his/her residence.
c) If a next-of-kin has a serious health condition and that there is no other person to care for the patient
d) If his deferment from military service is cancelled and he is taken for military service
e) If student is put under custody or arrested
f) For all other reasons accepted by the relevant executive board.

Unless there is an emergency, interruption of registration can be demanded until the end of the seventh week of the corresponding semester. The total duration of interruption cannot exceed two years. Maximum duration for consecutive interruption cannot exceed two semesters.

Interruption period is not included into total study period. The permitted durations can be extended with the decision of the university executive board.

Student, who is permitted to interrupt their registration for the above mentioned reasons and by the approval of the University Executive Board, has to pay half of the tuition fees for the period of interruption.

Student, who interrupts his/her registration for his main Major, is also considered as interrupted for his other majors and minors.