Before Arrival

Before Arrival

Studying abroad not only provides life changing opportunities, but it is also an academic and cultural adventure. Choosing to study in Turkey is one of the most valuable decisions you could make. Turkey offers many lifestyle benefits, including a friendly community, stunning nature and a rich, colourful mosaic of cultures and traditions. The mild mediterranean climate -with four complete seasons- is also a new experience for many of our international students.

Let us help you to plan your journey! There are several things that you can complete before arrival which will facilitate your registration and integration.

1- Prepare all your documents for registration before leaving your country!

- You need to submit the originals of many documents during enrolment
- Make sure that you have the original of your Secondary School Diploma;
- Original of your last three years transcripts of records
- If you are under 18 years old a certificate from your parents authorising you to study and live in Turkey

2- Documents you can obtain at the Turkish Consulates

- Student visa (obligatory for residence permit application)
- Equivalency certificate of your secondary school diploma (The application for this can be done in Turkey but it takes much longer time)

3- Other Preparation

- Get your vaccinations done at your home country if you are going to stay in dormitories; check the info on accommodation page

- Pack your suitcases for four seasons. This is particularly important if you are coming from a warm country. It can get cold in Istanbul during winter and you need jumpers, boots and big coats.

Please read the information carefully.
You are welcome to contact us if you have any questions.