Istanbul Okan University offers accommodation for 1500 students in our five fully equipped dormitories on our Tuzla Campus. Students can choose to stay in single, double or four person room. There are study halls, TV rooms and a 24/7 medical centre which are provided. Laundry and cleaning services are provided as well as bedding needs. There is wireless internet connection in all the rooms provided for any needs and services for online activities.

The university campus also includes restaurants and cafeterias which serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Dinner and sports facility fees are included in the price of the dormitories.

Students who live in a dormitory must follow certain rules.

Rules and Regulations

  • Are required to present a proof of vaccinations of Hepatit A-B-C ve Anti HAVIgm, HbsAg, Anti-Hbs, Anti-Hbc and a doctor’s certificate stating that they are apt to live in dormitories .
  • Are required to make dormitory payments to the Financial Affairs Office and give a copy of the payment receipt to theDormitory Management.
  • Who have completed their financial registration are required to fill in the dormitory registration form and provide a photo.
  • The dormitories are opened 2 days before the start of the academic calendar and closed 2 days after the end of the academic calendar. Arrivals and departures should be programmed within these time slots.
  • Bedding is not provided by the Dormitory Management. Students are required to bring their bedding, including a blanket, a pillow and bed sheets. Students are responsible for cleaning and taking care of their belongings.
  • It is prohibited to host any unregistered person (friend, family, relative) in your rooms.
  • It is prohibited to use and possess any kind of tobacco products, alcohol and drug products, etc.
  • Definitive departures from the dormitories are subject to dormitory financial clearance and rules.
  • Registration to the dormitories can only be done for full year. Semester based registration is not allowed. No refund is paid for students leaving the dormitories any time before the end of the academic year.
  • Students are required to swipe their students ID cards at the turnstiles at the entrance.
  • Students should clear all their belongings before their departure at the end of the academic year and return the room key to Dormitory Information Desk.