Translation and Interpreting in Russian


Translation and Interpreting Studies in Russian was founded in the 2004-2005 academic year under The Department of Translation and Interpreting Studies, being the first of its kind in Turkey. Our academic staff of Russian and Turkish origin consists of 3 instructors, 1 faculty member, and 3 lecturers, each specializing on different research and practice areas.

The aim of the Department of Translation and Interpreting Studies in Russian is to train translators with professional knowledge and skills to fulfill the professional need in diverse areas ranging from tourism to construction sector, oil import to textile export, as communicating in Russian language is today an inevitable need born as a result of booming relations and increasing volume of business with the Commonwealth of Independent States and Eurasian countries.

Our graduates have the opportunity to learn English, German and Chinese as second or third foreign languages. As it is not sufficient to learn one language to be a translator, our students’ chance to learn these languages gives them the ability to stand out in their careers. Moreover, our students begin their professional lives with many advantages, having been trained in information technologies and translation and memory softwares at our department.

Our department continues its collaborations with the Russian Federation in the areas of education and culture. We are administering our student exchange programs in accordance with the protocols that we signed with leading institutions of higher education in Russia, such as Moscow State University, Moscow State Linguistic University, and Pushkin State Institute of Russian Language. Our students are given the opportunity to participate in summer courses at Pushkin State Institute of Russian Language, to study at Moscow State University and Moscow State Linguistic University for one semester in order to learn and develop their Russian language skills in the environment the language is spoken and within the culture of the country.