Career Opportunities


Graduates of the Department of Translation Studies are given the title of translator – interpreter. Our graduates may work both within public sector, for example at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and every state institution and within the private sector, at publishing houses, tourism sector, foreign trade, and every institution where foreign relations and international communication are needed. They can work in free market and governmental institutions, ministries, technical fields, in the area of computer translation, automotive sector, and in the fields of law and economics. They can be court translators and community interpreters at health institutions. They can work full-time or freelance as translators or interpreters in companies and translation agencies.

The Graduates of Translation and Interpreting in English

The recent increase in international institutions’ interest into Turkey brought about an increase in the demand for competent employees who know English, the basic language of communication. The work fields which include translation and interpreting during the process of membership to the European Union have been new work opportunities for our graduates of our programs in English.

The Graduates of Translation and Interpreting in Arabic

Our graduates can work as translators, interpreters, or experts in every state institution where Arabic is needed (for example The Prime Ministry, Turkish Armed Forces, The Prime Ministry’s General Directorate of the State Archives, General Directorate for Foundations, Arabic Service of Turkish Radio and Television Corporation, The Ministry of Culture, The Ministry of Domestic Affairs, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, etc.). Our graduates have the opportunity to work as translators and interpreters in private companies and corporations which provide import – export services and contractorship. Besides, they can do translation and interpreting in private translation agencies and for accredited foreign diplomatic missions in Turkey. Thanks to the multilingual education that they are provided with, our graduates interested in scholarly research also have the opportunity to work as academics at an international level in the areas of Arabic language and translation studies.

The Graduates of Translation and Interpreting in Russian

Our graduates can work as translators in diverse sectors, chiefly tourism and including construction, textile, glass, and leather sectors, as communicating in Russian language is currently an inevitable need born as a result of booming relations and increasing volume of business with the Commonwealth of Independent States and former Soviet countries.

The Graduates of Translation and Interpreting in Chinese

Our graduates can work as communication experts within institutions and companies which aim to develop their relationship with Chinese market, which stands out within current political and economic developments, and they can serve as advisors for the communication problems likely to occur between different cultures.