About the Faculty


As the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, we aim to educate individuals equipped with modern knowledge in social sciences and with skills to research and produce solutions, create added value in connection with what they have learned in different areas of life.

The faculty runs three undergraduate programs. Translation Studies Department is Turkey's only department that offers translation and interpreting programs in four different language pairs, one European, two Asian, and one Middle Eastern. As for Psychology Department, two English-medium programs in changing rates enable students to follow international studies: one includes courses taught in English at a rate of 30%, whereas another program composed of courses taught in English at a rate of 100%. Finally, the Sociology Department runs a curriculum in which theory and practice are balanced with research projects in cooperation with national and international organizations to make students acquire field experience. Our faculty stands out with its dynamic and innovative approach in humanities and social sciences and with students and faculty members engaged in national and international academic activities with its programs.