Translation and Interpreting in English


Translation and Interpreting Studies in English was founded in the 2003-2004 academic year as the first department under The Department of Translation and Interpreting Studies. Academic staff includes 3 faculty members, 1 instructor, 3 lecturers and 1 research assistant.

With its eminent and experienced faculty leading research and publishing internationally in the area of translation studies, The Department of Translation and Interpreting Studies in English aims to educate translators for careers in medicine, law, business, automotive industry, computer software, media sectors, cinema and television, and publishing houses.

English, the “global common language”, is the dominant medium of communication in both social and commercial areas as well as in the academic world. Most of the time, it is the main language of international conventions. It is also evident that most of the cultural products and artistic works are in English. In the countries where English is not the mother tongue, it is the medium of communication in the areas of business, diplomacy, science, technology, aviation, entertainment, radio, television and cinema. All these aspects increase the number of texts to be translated from English as well as the need for “competent” translators. Today, competent translators who know English are employed not only in translation agencies but also in companies of varying business scales.

Besides specializing in English as the first foreign language, the students in our department learn German, Russian, Chinese or Arabic as a second foreign language. Besides, our students benefit greatly from Erasmus exchange programs.

Our students are encouraged to do internship at the end of their 3rd year of study. They have the opportunity to practice the professional knowledge and skills they have gained throughout their university education during their internship. The students of the Department of Translation and Interpreting Studies in English are prepared for their professional lives by doing internship at various institutions such as translation companies, tourism enterprises, import-export firms, chambers of commerce, television channels, newspapers and magazines, and subtitling and dubbing companies.