Translation and Interpreting in Chinese


Translation and Interpreting Studies in Chinese was founded in the 2005-2006 academic year. Our department consists of 6 Chinese and 2 Turkish instructors. We are teaching contemporary Chinese with faculty consisting of experienced academics.

Okan University Translation and Interpreting Studies in Chinese is unique in Turkey. Today, commercial and cultural relationships with China, which is one of the biggest markets in the global, are essential. Designing this academic-professional program in order to fulfill the need for communication and translation, which was a result of the relations between the two countries; Okan University has collaborated with Beijing Language and Culture University, the oldest and the most eminent institution of teaching Chinese as a foreign language. Our students find the opportunity to study in China for a year. Chinese Language Council International gave Okan University the permission to perform Chinese language tests in the whole Middle Eastern region. Till now, nearly 650 people took Chinese language assessment test at Okan University. In 2013, Okan University established Confucius institute cooperated with BLCU, whose main missions are teaching Chinese language and introducing Chinese culture.

Our graduates can work as communication experts within institutions and companies which aim to develop their relationship with Chinese market, which stands out within current political and economic developments, and can serve as advisors for the communication problems likely to occur between different cultures. Our graduates are prepared for careers at private sector institutions, in tourism sector, overseas businesses, and every working environment which include foreign relations and communications. They can work within free market, government agencies and ministries in the fields of law and economy. They can also be full-time or freelance translators and interpreters in companies and translation agencies. They can also work as Chinese teachers.