Career Opportunities


Development Agencies

  • SHÇEK (Social Services and Child Protection Agency), Ministry of State Responsible for Women and Families:
  • Community Centers
  • Child and Youth Centers
  • Protection, Care, and Rehabilitation Centers
  • Care and Social Rehabilitation Services
  • Male or Female Refugee Houses
General Directorate of Prisons, Ministry of Justice
  • Penal Institutions
  • Observation and Classification Centers
  • Child Surveillance Education Improvement Branch
  • Adult Education Branch /Adults’ Improvement Branch
  • Human Rights Branch
  • Supervised Freedom Branches
Education Research and Development Bureau, Ministry of National Education
  • Research Branch
  • Projects Branch
  • Education Development Branch
  • Program Branch
General Directorate of Basic Health Services, Ministry of Health:
  • Department for the Encouragement and Development of Health
  • Department of Health Clinics
  • Department of Performance Management and Quality Improvement / / Quality Criteria Development Branch Directorate
  • Hospital Directorate and Hospital Management
State Planning Agency
Turkish Statistical Institute
Chambers of Commerce and Industry
The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey
Police Headquarters:
  • Police for Juvenile Delinquency
  • General Directorate of Social Services
  • General Directorate of Foreigners, Borders, and Asylum
  • General Directorate of Smuggling and Organized Crime
  • General Directorate of Counterterrorism
  • General Directorate of Public Security
  • General Directorate of SASEM (Crime Investigation and Interrogation Training)
Ministry of Culture and Tourism
  • General Directorate of Cultural Heritage and Museums
  • General Directorate of Publicity
General Directorate of Customs Municipalities
  • Department of Municipality Officers
  • Municipality Human Resources Departments
  • Municipality Services Planning and Public Space Programming
  • Municipality Public Relations
  • Bureau of City and Regional Planning
  • Planning/Management/Governance
  • Municipality Woman’s Shelter
  • Municipality Nursing Homes
  • Municipality Services for the Young and the Children
  • Planning/Management/Governance
Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Rural Affairs
Public Opinion Research Companies