Department Chair's Message


In psychology, the number and effectiveness of the fields of research have been increasing day by day. With a little consideration, it is not hard to see that most of the problems in society are related with human relations; it won’t be surprising that psychology has many fields of study.

As the Department of Psychology in Okan University, our mission is to catch the speed of the psychological advancements all around the world and bring up psychologists embellished with knowledge and skill in world standards.

Our department provides our students with a scientific environment where they can discover humankind and human behaviors from many different perspectives and where they can discuss freely. In this regard, our aim as a department is to educate students who can use their psychology knowledge and scientific thinking ability in a functional way and who can approach questions about humankind with scientific methodology. By this means, it is aimed that our students make use of the knowledge they acquire in the field of psychology and transform this knowledge into service.

In our department, there are both undergraduate and graduate programs offered. In the undergraduate program, the first year courses to be taken are as the following: together with the Introduction to Psychology and History of Psychology, which will introduce psychology in a comprehensive way, basic courses like Philosophy, Sociology, Social Anthropology, and Physiology. From the second year onwards, the scientific approach courses, which are the building stones of the psychology science, start. With methodology courses like Research Methods, Statistics, and SPSS, it is aimed that our students acquire the necessary scientific perspective and be able to use it in order to become ‘psychologists’. Also, the course schedule for the second year includes basic must courses like Developmental Psychology, Social Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Psychology of Learning, Perception, and Psychopathology. In the third and the fourth years of study, in addition to the departmental must courses, with different elective courses from different sub-fields of psychology the students are provided with the chance of getting to know different fields of psychology. Elective Courses like Industrial Psychology, Health Psychology, Interview Techniques, Psychological Tests, Psychology of Trauma, and Psychology of Atypical Children help the students get acquainted with the field and help them to decide which subfield of psychology they have more of a tendency and talent towards as they get closer to the time of their graduation. As a graduate program, we have only the Clinical Psychology Program and are planning to add more programs in the following years. To get more information about our graduate and undergraduate programs please check the corresponding links on our page.

The graduates of our department with the scientific thinking qualities and knowledge of psychology can be employed in state and private institutions, in nursery kindergartens and nursery schools, in juvenile courts and halls, in jails and detention houses, in retirement homes, in schools, in hospitals ve psychological health centers, in private psychological counseling centers, in institutions dealing with the physically and mentally handicapped, in health centers, in sports clubs, in various industrial establishments, in research companies, in the advertising sector, in areas like public relations, human resources and in the field of mass media. Also, the willing students can pursue their career in the academic field and get a graduate or doctorate degree in an area of expertise.

As ‘we’ believe that there will be psychology where there is human, we are inviting ‘you ’ to join us.