Clinical Psychology Unit


The Hasanpaşa Clinical Psychology Unit in Kadıköy is open to public and offers service to people in need of psychological help and psychotherapy. You can contact us to benefit from these free-of-charge services.

In our unit, psychological problems such as depression, misery, distress, fear, anxiety, obsession, complex, psychological trauma, eating disorders, timidity, self-confidence problems, problems about interpersonal relations, communication problems are handled.

At the moment we don’t offer services for children but only for adults and adolescents. Also, we do not provide medical assessments and treatments. Problems that might have vital danger and substance addiction are not treated in our unit, either. For these problems we can guide you to specialists or institutions we work in cooperation.

Services Offered

1. Psychological Assessment
An assessment interview is done in order to define the problem of the individual and to decide on the appropriate psychological service.

2. Psychological Guidance
Clients who are decided to take service from the unit are directed to psychologists who are specialized in their fields. After the assessment interview, if it is seen as necessary the individual is directed to other specialization areas, institutions or centers dealing with their problems.

3. Psychotherapy
A therapy plan is prepared for the individual with the problem and s/he is taken into a Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy centered process. Psychotherapies take 12 hours in average. The sessions are conducted as 1-hour session once every week. All the therapists go through the supervision of experienced lecturers.


  • Prof. Perin Yolaç
  • Dr., Faculty Member Ahmet Tosun
  • Dr., Faculty Member İrem Erdem Atak
  • Dr. Alp Karaosmanoğlu
  • Dr. Çağla Gülol
  • Dr. Emel Stroup