About the Department


The undergraduate program in sociology provides students with a solid foundation, as it covers major sociological concepts, sociological theory, and research methods. The basic education given in the department is complemented by elective courses, practical training, and applied courses. Being a graduate of the sociology department means a wide range of career opportunities and the chance to rise through the ranks, from entry level to administrative positions in a variety of public and private institutions, where they will be able to conduct relevant research projects and analyze data in a critical and insightful manner.

Objectives of the Department of Sociology:

Our department aims to contribute to the increase in the quality and quantity of social scientific production by fostering in students the ability to analyze social life and societies in a critical and methodical manner. To this end, we strive to engage in the construction of a socially embedded form of social science which has the capacity to become a unique school of thought in Turkey, and at the same time in a practice of social science that is on par with the standards of today’s globalized world. Our department encourages interdisciplinary study and work of all kinds which helps Turkey to integrate with the global academic community. Ultimately, we endeavor to enhance our graduates’ employment opportunities, by fulfilling the needs of both the private and the public sectors.

It is within the framework of these objectives that OKAN UNIVERSITY is committed to conforming with the ethical norms accepted and promoted by TUBITAK (Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey), YOK (Council of Higher Education), and TUBA (Turkish Academy of Sciences), as well as the global scientific community, in its research, education, and publications.

To this end, the department:

  • Offers a rigorous academic program in major fields of sociology.
  • Creates research projects and encourages students to actively take part in its own and other research projects.
  • Introduces various aspects of the social sciences not only to students of its own department, but to students of other departments as well.
  • Provides necessary sociological expertise within various frameworks.
  • For those who choose to pursue a career in academia, the department encourages engagement in academic activities both in Turkey and abroad and provides all feasible support to ensure their active participation in such.
  • For those who choose to pursue careers outside of academia, the department provides education and training which ensures that graduates prioritize scientific knowledge and possess a practical understanding of Turkey and the world.
  • Supports and provides opportunities for participation in various internship programs at the national and international levels.
  • Organizes internships and meetings with various national and international institutions and organizations, thus increasing students’ employment chances.
  • Ensures that every student meets the requirements of the Bologna process and therefore graduates with a good command of at least one foreign language.

In the academic sphere, the department:

  • aims to conduct research at the local and national levels, the results of which will be introduced to the international scientific community, while benefitting from the findings of international academia.
  • encourages academic staff’s participation in national and international competitions.
  • employs Turkish and international scholars.
  • ensures that the academic community both in Turkey and abroad are made aware of department staff’s achievements.
  • endeavors to share with the entire university knowledge about the application of sociology in everyday life.
  • is the founder of Okan University’s “Sociology and Philosophy Society.”