Translation Studies

Translation Studies

Translation Studies of Istanbul Okan University is Turkey's only department offering translator and interpreter training in English-Turkish, Arabic-Turkish, Russian-Turkish, Chinese-Turkish language pairs, also providing German as a second foreign language option.

The department aims to meet a need for qualified translators and interpreters in Turkey. With translation and intercultural communication perspectives, courses establish, on the one hand, an intellectual groundwork for studies exploring the complex nature of translation. On the other hand, they raise students' awareness of transforming written and spoken texts among languages, cultures, and fields of expertise.

One of the department's genuine aspects is the use of modular programs in each department. Modularity provides options of theoretical courses designed with a holistic approach to different fields of translation. It also offers flexibility to learn with practical classes in the areas of translation and interpreting.

Today's translators and interpreters perform at least with two foreign languages and cultures. Each program in the department makes students reach an advanced level of knowledge and skills to meet such professional expectations. Department's international connections help realize professional expectations with bilateral agreements signed with foreign partner universities like Siegen University, Pushkin Institute, Beijing Language and Culture University. A wide range of Erasmus exchange programs at Okan is another effective way for students to join activities and educational programs abroad.