Dean's Message


As the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, our purpose is to equip our students with contemporary knowledge, ethical awareness and generic skills, and assist them to employ their professional knowledge and skills critically in various spheres of life to come up with original solutions to the problems they encounter.

The Faculty comprises three Departments: Psychology, Sociology and Translation Studies, each offering a high-quality teaching and learning experience for all of its students. We bring together a number of disciplines and subject areas and offer a rich and diverse educational experience, supported with an extensive range of language courses and area electives.

We accept students who have achieved the required scores in the National University Entrance Exam, and various scholarships are available based on merit. Students are given the option to change their majors at the end of their first academic year, thus allowing them to make a better-informed choice about the field in which they wish to forge their career path.

Our students have the opportunity to study abroad for one semester with our partner institutions in Europe, China and Russia. They increase their knowledge and understanding of other peoples and cultures and gain an important advantage as they look to launch their careers.

On our website, you can read about our faculty and departments, find our curricula, see our partnerships and get informed about career opportunities. If any of your questions is not answered here please do not hesitate me or any of our faculty members.