About the Department


The automotive industry is getting prepared for global growth over the next decade. As rapid urbanization increases the need for better transportation solutions, the role of engineers in designing cleaner and more efficient vehicles to meet environmental challenges is also increasing. These current issues lead to a steady increase in demand for professionals with knowledge and skills in automotive design and manufacturing. If you are interested in Physics, Mathematics and Science and Technology in general, as well as automotive subjects, constantly asking questions and looking for answers, exploring different alternatives and thinking creatively, then you are an ideal Automotive Engineer candidate student.

Our problem-solving-focused curriculum at Okan University enables our engineering target audience to expand and students with a broader educational background to pursue a career in engineering. Our engineer candidates receive education in our Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, which has the latest technology and is designed in accordance with modern engineering education. Our education system in Automotive Engineering which includes the latest high-tech equipment in Internal Combustion Engine and Mechanical Engineering laboratories due to their common course content, is specially designed to support "multidisciplinary Engineering". Thanks to this infrastructure offered at our faculty, our prospective engineer students can research engineering problems that interest them and gain practical experience on designs for automotive projects.

At Okan University Automotive Engineering Department, you will progress towards the goal of becoming a real-life engineer - professional or entrepreneur - from the first day. In this way, you will be able to choose from a variety of career options in automotive design, manufacturing and maintenance, allowing you to contribute to the next field of green and sustainable transport technologies.