The Purpose of the Department


The aim of the Civil Engineering Department is to enable our students to graduate as civil engineers with the following qualifications;

  • Ability to produce practical and effective solutions to the problems of civil engineering science and technology.
  • To have basic knowledge of structure, water, transportation, soil and material departments in Civil Engineering.
  • To be able to check the design techniques of construction construction projects and the conformity of the construction materials used in construction with the current specifications.
  • To have the ability to question, categorize and interpret data to analyze the data presented to him.
  • To be able to solve the engineering calculations to be applied in construction projects in computer environment and to be able to use computer drawing programs to be used in the preparation of project sheets.
  • Knowing the structure and content of the English language and mastering English construction terms to discuss technical details with engineers representing other countries in international multi-partner construction projects.
  • Gaining the ability to transfer technical material to the audience with verbal presentations and written reports.
  • To know the responsibility of keeping the technical knowledge up to date after graduation and to gain the ability to adapt the acquired knowledge to his / her job.
  • Achieving leadership, entrepreneurship and effective teamwork ability in construction projects.
  • Civil engineers should be aware of their social responsibilities to civil society and to have the consciousness of doing their profession within the framework of professional and ethical rules.