Department Chair’s Message


Bioengineering deals with the solution of real-life problems in the field of life sciences with the contribution of other natural and engineering sciences such as physics, chemistry, mathematics and computer engineering, especially by using the concepts and methods of biology. Along with the advanced diagnostic and advanced treatment technologies, personalized drug designs, genomic treatments, artificial tissues and organs, emerging from the combination of engineering, biological and medical sciences, people will have a longer, healthier, more comfortable and productive life.

Our Genetics and Bioengineering program, apart from the fields of application that directly target human health, such as genetics, tissue engineering, stem cell biology, cancer biology, developmental biology, cell biology, stem cell biology, immunology, and epigenetics; also carries out product-oriented research and development activities in advanced industrial application areas such as synthetic biology, biosensors, microbial biotechnology, and molecular diagnostics.

As Genetics and Bioengineering faculty members, our aim is to train bioengineers who have a desire for lifelong learning, who can produce new perspectives, concepts and technologies, and who will take a leadership role in the medical, pharmaceutical and biotechnological industry and academia.