Our Mission


Computer engineering is both a popular and very necessary profession in our day and age. The Computer Engineering Department at Okan University, which conducts research and provides education in computer system development and efficient use of systems, aims to graduate computer engineers who possess up-to-date knowledge about computer technology.

Following one year of English Preparatory School, in the first and second year of department studies our students take core courses which provide them with a strong foundation in computer engineering. In their final two years, students can choose a focused area to specialize in, and concentrate on their area of choice by taking relevant elective courses. The projects that students do as part of their graduation theses provide an important opportunity for them to apply their theoretical knowledge to real problems.

Our graduates students may go on to have titles such as System Analyst, Software Developer, Information Systems Administrator, Network Administrator, Database Administrator (DBA), Database Analyst, Industrial System Designer, etc, and work in public and private companies active in industry, commerce, management, education, and much more, as well as at banks, universities, and companies that produce computer hardware.

Since the 2006-2007 academic year, the Okan University Computer Engineering Department has been located at the university’s Akfirat Campus. Courses are held at the same campus, where students are given access to computer laboratories equipped with cutting-edge technology, and taught by an expanding faculty of first-rate academicians.

Successful careers await the graduates of Istanbul Okan University’s Computer Engineering Department, so long as they have the determination and will to pursue them. Graduates will most certainly play an important role in meeting the needs of Information Systems both today and tomorrow.