Outgoing Application Procedure


Application Procedures

All Bachelor and Master’s Degree students, registered at Istanbul Okan University as full time students and who have completed their first year of studies (prep school is not included) and have a minimum GPA of 2.20 for Bachelor, 2.50 for Master’s and PhD can apply for the Erasmus Programme.

Applications are made online. An original transcript of records signed by the Students Affairs Office is required for full application.

Language Proficiency

Students who fulfil the above mentioned conditions should also have to prove that their level of foreign languages (in the language of education at the host university) corresponds to minimum B1 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL). International Language Certificates not older than 2 years are accepted. Students who do not have an international certificate should take the Erasmus Language Proficiency Exam. To obtain a B1 level students should get at least 60/100 from the proficiency exam.

Erasmus Point Calculation

The national rule for Erasmus point calculation is as follows:

50% of GPA + 50% of language score= Erasmus Point

Students who obtain an Erasmus Point of 60 and above are accepted for Erasmus Exchange.

Erasmus Point Calculation for Students Who Have Already Been to Erasmus Exchange

Students can benefit from the Erasmus Programme up to 12 months at each level of studies.

For second participation Erasmus Point is calculated as follows:

50% of GPA + 50% of language score – 10 = Erasmus Point


Application deadlines and language exams are announced through all university web sites.