Outgoing Student Internship Mobility


Internships found by students who want to take advantage of Erasmus + internship activities and who are eligible to fulfill the necessary conditions must be in their own learning area. Things to do to participate in internship mobility:

  • The student should send the Work Placement Form, which contains detailed information about the place of internship, to the institution to go to, and ask the institution to fill out this form.
  • The work placement form completed by the institution should be submitted to the approval of the faculty, and a document from the faculty confirming that the place and content of the internship is suitable for the field of education.
  • Students must deliver the document to the Erasmus Coordinator.
  • The student whose internship is approved should send the Learning Agreement for Traineeship document to the institution they will attend. Learning Agreement for Traineeship must be prepared in two copies and submitted to the Erasmus Coordination Office with a wet signature.
  • Every internship student must have health insurance and liability insurance to cover the period he / she will be abroad before going to internship. Copies of the relevant insurance policies must be submitted to the Erasmus Coordinator. Below is an example of a company and policy that makes this insurance:
    1. AON Students Insurance
    2. Policy Terms and conditions
    3. Cover overview
  • In addition to the company given as an example above, it is possible for other companies to make this insurance, perhaps under more favorable conditions. By doing a research for the country you will go, it will be possible to get your health insurance online in accordance with the desired rules. Daily insurance amounts vary between € 1.40- € 1.94, although it varies for each country. You can get your policy by email within half an hour with the payment.

Required Documents:
Before the student leaves - at the application stage:

  • Application form and transcript
  • Document showing the foreign language level (Proficiency exam held by Istanbul Okan University Foreign Languages Coordinatorship will be taken as basis.)

Documents to be completed after student selection:

  • Work placement form
  • Traineeship approval form
  • Learning Agreement for Traineeship

During traineeship:

  • Monthly report on the development of the trainee from the person supervising the trainee's work (to be sent via email)

Documents to be completed after the student completes their traineeship and returns:

  • Student final report form (to be filled in online through the Mobility Tool prepared by the European Commission during the Erasmus + period)
  • Certificate of participation
  • A document showing the success assessment of the traineeship period abroad by the receiving institution