Department Chair's Message


Dear students,

In the 21st century, child development is one of the scientific fields that attract utmost attention, both from scientists and the general public. The Department of Child Development was founded under the School of Health Sciences in 2011-2012 at Okan University. The vision of İstanbul Okan University to determine the most needed professionals in the near future paved the way for founding the first Child Development Programme in a private university. The primary objective of the Department is to educate professionals who will provide guidance, counseling and research services in this important scientific field.

A child development expert is responsible for evaluating the physical, mental and social development of all children in the 0-18 age group, including normal children and children under risk or in need of special care and protection. Developing education and support programs appropriate for children’s personal characteristics is another task of a child development expert. While performing these duties, child development experts monitor the development and education of children. They cooperate with experts from other related disciplines when a child is unable to show necessary progress. They provide guidance to families and teachers. Child development experts conduct research, develop and carry out scientific projects involving children, families, educators and society. Child development experts can be employed in, inter alia, education, health and social service sectors.

The curriculum of the Child Development Programme has been planned to instill the aforementioned professional skills before graduation. Theoretical and practical courses are well-balanced to orient our students towards employment opportunities offered by private and public sector institutions, as well as to employment in the academic community as post-graduate researchers. İstanbul Okan University provides the opportunity to learn a second language along with English, which further contributes to the intellectual development of our students.

Love for children and dedication to their wellbeing are prerequisites for success in this profession. We would like to kindly invite you to our Department, which provides Child Development education in the best way possible.